Analyze, Design and Develop            

I am a Senior Software Engineer, an Independent Contractor, and I have worked in the software development industry since the late 90's.

I provide software development services for companies across the country. Whether you have a new software project or need assistance with an existing project, I provide a service that is hard to match. I have also taught undergraduate Information Technology classes including software development courses in a traditional classroom at the University of Phoenix.

I am from Dallas Texas and currently live in Albuquerque New Mexico. I am a very devoted father of two boys and a beautiful daughter, my oldest studying at the University of New Mexico and my youngest plays saxophone in middle school. I have a wonderful wife from Indonesia and a very beautiful step-daughter and a step son. I also help my wife run a group home for people discharged from mental services. The Peace Manor

I studied and earned my bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Texas at Dallas. I then taught high school mathematics as a career and engaged in computer programming as a hobby. In 1998, I switched careers and started working in the IT industry and developing software for a living. In 2008 I earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Information Technology with a Specialization in System Design and Development. The following year I earned a Post Master’s Certification in College Teaching. I started my PhD. I am two years and a dissertation away from finishing. I also have graduate work in Mathematics.

I have a passion for running my own consulting business and developing quality software. One of the interesting things about working as a contractor is that I have the opportunity to experience many different software development philosophies. With that I continually grow my business and strive to improve the quality of my services. I am always looking for projects, partnerships and sub-contractors.

Feel free to contact me at any time.